quilt squares

for all of my lovers of quilting, i have brought back the quilt square bolo tie in three colours, and have two brand new styles of quilt square earrings, and hair clips!

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fish friends!

my best-selling rainbow trout earrings are back in my spring collection, along with even more trout goodness than before! rainbow trout are now available in two styles of earrings, hair clips, collar clips, and an enamel keychain! trout wall hangings and ornaments are also coming soon!

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interested in wholesale?

i offer the majority of my styles in wholesale to those who own brick and mortar or online shops. if you're interested in carrying any of my work, shoot me a message through my contact form and we can discuss via email!


who is meghan?

hi, i'm meghan, and i'm the gal behind these here creations! i'm just trying to bring a little bit of happiness + colour to this sometimes drab and chaotic world, and hopefully, into your life! my work is influenced by my love for the 1960s-70s design, bright colours and prints, folk art, my favourite animals, my garden, and vegan snacking. you can follow my updates by following me through instagram @meghanmacwhirter! x